Month: March 2022

Satoshi Runners NFT

What is Satoshi Runners NFT?

NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens are in a league of their own. They’re more than just tradable assets; they represent ownership and scarce digital items.

NFTs have become increasingly popular as the Ethereum platform has grown over time. This is because they offer a unique and secure way to store digital assets on the blockchain.

The team behind Satoshi Runners has set out to create the most beautiful and functional NFTs in the world. Their 7,777 tokens are each completely unique and serve a specific purpose in the game. This variety makes for an incredibly immersive experience that is constantly evolving.

The art style of Satoshi Runners is pixelated, but in a way that feels fresh and new. In an industry saturated with 3D graphics and smooth animations, Satoshi Runners offers a delightful throwback to the 8-bit era.

But it’s not just about looks. The team has also focused on creating a community around the game. There are active forums where players can trade tips, show off their collections, and even earn rewards.

Satoshi Runners is changing the game when it comes to NFTs. With their focus on art, utility, and community, they’re setting a new standard for what an NFT can be. If you’re looking for a unique and immersive experience, Satoshi Runners is the game for you!

This NFT collection used some innovative NFT marketing strategies.






How Cryptoadz by Gremplin Shook The NFT World

When Gremplin launched their project, CrypToadz on September 8th, they had no idea what would be in store.
The world of NFT’s (non-fungible tokens) has been growing for some time, with projects like CryptoKitties taking the world by storm in December 2017. But after CrypToadz launched, they quickly became one of the biggest games on the blockchain…by FAR!

In its first week, the trading volume of one CrypToadz token surpassed $17 million. Followers describe their success as a “shockwave” through Reddit and Twitter as users flocked to buy as many as they could. Some going so far as to set up 24/7 bots that woke up in the middle of night to purchase them.
Currently, CrypToadz also sits in the top 15 most traded collections on OpenSea, a marketplace for blockchain games.
In the truest sense, CrypToadz broke the NFT space wide open by providing something fresh and fun…something that had been sorely missing from the crypto world.

But what exactly is CrypToadz?

CrypToadz are a new breed of NFT. In the simplest sense… they are digital pictures of 6969 different cartoon toads that trade their likeness based on the Ethereum blockchain.

On top of that, the toads look absolutely hilarious! Each one has a unique expression and design that constantly makes you laugh when scrolling through their massive collection.

In addition to being an absolute joy to play with… they’re also part of a much bigger vision.

In other words, CrypToadz became the “gateway drug” for Gremplin and their plans to make crypto cool again.
CrypToadz is something different. It’s not trying to be cute or immersive or anything else that we traditionally know as blockchain games… it’s just a good time.

And as their community grows and they expand the CrypToadz world… it’s clear that Gremplin is onto something big here.
Just make sure to take your Toadz before you leave!

Cryptoadz  official website